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Gregori International’s business line

Specialised in the implementation of turnkey and fast‐track projects

Gregori International’s teams are mobilised on construction sites around the world, even in the most remote locations and in the most adverse conditions (salt, wet or arid environments) to meet the specific expectations of each of our customers in the shortest time.
We are operating in 6 sectors of activity :

  • Sports field (football, rugby, cricket, baseball…)
  • Turnkey stadiums
  • Golf courses
  • Landscaping and green spaces
  • Equestrian tracks and surfaces
  • Rehabilitation of sites (landfills, mining sites)

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Our Know how

Highly‐Qualified technical teams across the world

Research managers, golf architects, roads and utility services engineers, landscape architects, surveyors, technical sales representatives, graphic designers, logistics specialist, project managers, works supervisors, turf experts, specialized mechanics, maintenance technicians… At Gregori International, Men and women on sites team up and combine their skills around the world to provide customized solutions to any technical challenges of your project :

  • Preliminary Studies and Design
  • Financial Engineering
  • Earthworks
  • Specific constructions
  • Irrigation and watering
  • Modeling / Shaping
  • Drainage
  • Grassing
  • Planting
  • Maintenance
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Locations and Logistics

Mobilization and Geographic Proximity

Gregori International has permanent offices based on three continents allowing them to reach out and involve the equipment fleet all over the world. The offices strategically set up according to Gregori international activity, allowing perfect control of the logistics solutions, transport of equipment and machines and fast mobilization of the material to new construction or projects renovation.

France (Saint Jory - Paris - Nice)

Morocco (Casablanca)

Rwanda (Kigali)

Ivory Coast (Abidjan)

Cameroon (Douala)

United States (Florida)

America (Antigua & Barbuda, Barbados, St Kitts & Nevis, St Vincent & the Grenadines, Turks & Caicos)

America (Trinidad & Tobago)

America (The Caymans Islands, Jamaïca)

America (Bahamas)

America (Dominica, Puerto Rico)

America (Mexico)

America (Panama)

Europe (Spain, Andorra)

Europe (Greece)

Central Europe (Russia)

Africa (Algeria)

Africa (Benin)

Africa (Djibouti)

Africa (Egypt)

Africa (Guinea, Conakry)

Africa (Equatorial Guinea)

Africa (Libya)

Africa (Tunisia)

Middle East (Saudi Arabia)

Middle East (United Arab Emirates, Qatar)

Middle East (Lebanon, Syria)

Asia (Hong Kong, Macao)

Asia (China)

Oceania (French Polynesia)

Permanent Offices
Our achievements

Locations and Logistics

Ongoing investment in materiel logistics, a complete fleet of modern and modernized equipment

A fleet of specialized machines and equipment grant the company an autonomy that allows it to guarantee its clients optimum quality and completion deadlines. The distance of our worksites, the technicality of the works to be carried out, and the often very tight completion deadlines required the provision of a fleet of complete, technologically up‐to‐date, properly adapted, rapidly available equipment in perfect working condition. On site, a Gregori International team will take control to guarantee the streamlined logistics and technical maintenance required for the worksite’s success. A stock of spare parts also accompanies the equipment which is kept in good condition on site by a team of specialized mechanics.

  • Topographic equipment
  • Earthworks ‐ land clearing
  • Green Space Equipment, Golf Course and Sports Ground Construction
  • Various vehicles
  • Worksite facilities

Our history

Gregori International, 50 years of expertise

Founded in 1971, Gregori International has 50 years of experience in the design of outdoor sports grounds and exceptional landscaping. The company has also become a key player in sports turf. When it was created in 1903 in Boufarik, Algeria, the company was an incubator that exported throughout North Africa. From the 1950s, it moved towards turnkey construction of parks and gardens. In 1961 the company set up its headquarters near Toulouse (Saint-Jory, France). Thanks to Its knowledge of Middle Eastern countries, Gregori international gained several turnkey export markets: agricultural irrigation works, reforestation, urban landscaping in Libya, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.


This expansion continued during the 1970s and 1980s, and many turnkey agricultural engineering and landscaping projects took place. (Morocco, Guinea, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria). During that time, the sector of landscaping construction started growing (Holiday Inn Hotel in Fort Myers, Florida). In the 1990s, the company set up multiples’ offices worldwide: Miami, Hong Kong, Tunis, Abu Dhabi... The group increased its visibility in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and South-East Asia where many prestigious golf courses and sports facilities were presents (stadiums, sports fields, tennis courts, athletics tracks, swimming pools, etc.).


In the 2000s, Gregori international’s teams know-how and creativity made possible the implementation of innovative technical processes, such as the FIBERSOIL substrate, this technique revolutionized the traditional methods of building equestrian tracks and sports lawns. The sites are now built in a record time, "fast-track" mode, while preserving quality and high technicality.