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Innovation consists of proposing a total transformation of a site to lead to the deployment of economic, recreational and social activities.

This involves stabilizing the site to avoid any risk of landslide, controlling environmental impacts and thus putting an end to a critical health situation.


Gregori International proposes to redevelop damaged, sterile or polluted sites to lead to new places of life: recreational, natural…

The rehabilitation of polluted areas or landfills makes it possible to put in safety and the reconquest of spaces that can be upgraded.

Design Construction Renovation Reforestation Maintenance of rehabilitated sites

Facing up to all technology challenges

Rehabilitation of landfills, extraction sites, reforestation, etc. and more generally of soils that have suffered environmental degradation

  • Preliminary soil studies
  • Earthworks, modelling
  • Establishment of overhead biogas and leachate collection networks
  • Supply and installation of final cover of vegetable soil
  • Drainage system
  • Construction of nurseries
  • Landscaping: transplantation, planting

Recovering and rehabilitating polluted areas to create new uses

You have a site rehabilitation project? Gregori International teams intervene to build an environment to lead to the deployment of economic, recreational and social activities

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