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High level lawn referent


High level lawn referent


High level lawn referent


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Gregori International

Designer and Contractor since 1971

Pursuing its vocation as a designer, developer, and landscaper since 1971, Gregori International is now a key player in the construction and renovation of grassed sports grounds (football, rugby, cricket, golf, equestrian sports, etc.) and an expert in the servicing and maintenance of natural sports fields, particularly for large international competitions. With numerous achievements under its belt, the company remains a specialist in exceptional landscaping worksites.

Gregori International

Project Management from A to Z

With 40 years of experience in complete and customised projects, today Gregori International is developing a new range of turnkey training grounds and outdoor stadiums. We are creating local sporting infrastructure that is economical, functional, aesthetically‐pleasing, and long‐lasting. As well as solutions that are ready for use.



Gregori International

The world as a playing field

With its offices in Paris, Miami, Tangier, Kigali, Abidjan, Douala and Nice, and its headquarters in Saint‐Jory (France), the company profits from a truly international presence. Our teams are reactive and highly engaged across the world to respond to your sports lawn issues, including in cases of urgency.



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