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Gregori International offers you a range of turnkey stadiums giving you the possibility to choose between :

3 stadium configurations : – classic ‐ with track ‐ competition
3 possible stand configurations – modular ‐ metal and concrete ‐ mixted
4 levels of capacity – 1000 – 3000 – 6000‐ 10 000 people

Gregori International’s turnkey stadium range adapts to your goals, sports issues and budget.

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Design Construction Maintenance of Turnkey stadium

Classic stadium

A complex that meets the requirements of a sport community. Composed of an approved ground, a warm up track and all the equipment able to accommodate up to 3000 people in the best conditions.


the classic stadium consists of a play area of 105 by 68 m. Its surface can be synthetic or natural. It is also composed of a warm‐up track of 2 times 100 m, stands and changing rooms


The capacity of the classic stadium ranges from 1000 to 3000 people.The stands are either modular or made of metal and concrete. They may be covered or uncovered.


Design Construction Maintenance of Turnkey stadium

Athletic stadium with track & multisport fields BHV

Able to host large‐scale events with adapted reception facilities. Composed of a playground, an approved track and mulitisports courts BHV: Basketball, Handball, Volleyball.


Composed of a 105 by 68 m playing area, with a synthetic or natural type surface, the stadium with tracks and courts BHV ‐ Basketball, Handball, Volleyball‐ also has an athletics IAAF standard track (8 lanes). Stands, locker rooms and a reception area for tickets, Bar, Snack for 6000 places are also provided for this type of complex. Like the classic stadium, the athletic stadium is composed of car parks, lanes, custom landscaping, fences, reinforced street lighting and toilets for the public


The capacity of the stadium with tracks and terrain BHV ranges from 3000 to 6000 people. The stands are modular or metal and concrete and can be covered or uncovered. The Athletic Stadium is equipped with boxes (15 m2 modules)


Design Construction Maintenance of Turnkey stadium

Competition stadium ‐ CAF standards

Up to 10,000 people with all the facilities to reach great heights of major events. It consists of a CAF approved playground, a training field, a track to IAAF standards.


With its 105 by 68 m main field, its IAAF standard track (8 lanes), its 105 by 68 m secondary field and its 2 BHV multisport playgrounds (Basketball, Handball, Volley), the CAF standard competition stadium is the most accomplished complex. Stands, changing rooms, parking, roads, landscaping, fences, sports and public lighting, WC public toilet make up all the characteristics of this complex. A space for up to 6,000 people with Box Office, Bar and Snack is also included.


The capacity of the competition stadium ranges from 6000 to 10000 people. Les tribunes sont de type modulaire ou métal et béton et peuvent être couvertes ou non couvertes. Des modules de loges de 15 m² sont également disponibles.


Les stades clés-en-mains s’adaptent à vos enjeux sportifs et financiers,
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«Classic», «Athletic» or «Competition» the turnkey stadium will host your sporting events in facilities that respect the standards, with a quality of lawn to the height of your ambitions.


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