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Gregori International repairs and installs technical soils even in the most remote areas of the world, for all types of open or closed surfaces, under permanent or temporary use: riding pits and arenas, paddocks, horse walker, lunge pens, Havrincourt pens, trotting, galloping and race tracks, polo grounds, etc.

Design Construction Renovation Maintenance of Equestrian Surfaces

Manage all construction steps of an equestrian field.

For 20 years, Gregori International has been creating upscale horse riding and equestrian surfaces combining performance, durability and safety while remaining affordable.
With references in Greece, Spain, France, Qatar and United Arab Emirates, Gregori International has significant experience in the construction of equestrian surfaces, from preliminary studies up to maintenance.
The exclusive FIBERsoil process has in particular permitted to construct the equestrian areas for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.
With either Sand or grass, the FiberSoil technique meets the standards for training and international competitions.

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Equestrian Surface FiberSoil technology

Choice of substrate

Design carrière Equestre

Step 1 : Preliminary study - design

Drainage et irrigation Equestre

Step 2 : Drainage & irrigation

Mélange renforcé Equestre

Step 3 : FiberSoil

Nivellement Equestre

Step 4 : Levelling

Entretien Equestre

Step 5 : Track maintenance

Fournitures Equestre

Step 6 : Supplies, fences & starting gates

FIBERSoil Classic Fiber

Classic Fiber technology, for a high performance lawn

  • Resistance to pull-out and divot reduction
  • Excellent drainage, preventing game interruption even in the case of heavy rain
  • Adaptation to extreme climates
  • High quality and comfort for horses and riders during international competitions events
  • Possibility of using the ground intensively

Grassing by seeding, sprigging or sodding

Reinforced substate Fibersoil

Choker layer

Enriched growth medium

Drainage and filtering layer

Perfored drain pipe

Irrigation pipe

Natural earth, base layer

Fibersoil Grey Fiber

Grey Fiber technology for a soft and reinforced sand

  • Can be incorporated with any type of sand
  • Reinforcement and stabilization of the track
  • Comfortable and soft upon impact for both horse and rider
  • Better conservation of moisture in the soil
  • Water saving for irrigation

Fibersoil mix of sand and synthetic fibers

Cover layer

Drainage and filtering layer

Perfored drain pipe

Irrigation pipe

Natural earth

Gregori International is a specialist in the construction and renovation of any equestrian surfaces

Fiber Soil Classic Fiber, or Fibersoil Grey Fiber? Our solutions improve the performance of your tracks and grounds, whether for training or competitions (polo shirts, races, cross country, dressage, jumping, etc.)

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