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Equestrian surfaces FIP POLO WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, Chantilly


Being selected to host the 2004 FIP Polo World Championship, the Chantilly Polo Club invested in the construction of a new polo field using the FIBERsoil process. It was the first club in Europe to have used this technique on a polo field.

Client : La Ferme d’Apremont S.A.

Company activity

Start of works : Sept. 2003. 4,000 m3 of earthworks cut and fill for a playing surface of 54,000 m², mixing of 3,000 tonnes of FIBERsoil Sand mix, and grass seeding, grow-in and maintenance

Duration of works : 45 days and a growing period of only 11 months was necessary to have the field ready for the September 2004 Polo World Cup.

“There are no English grounds that cut up so little, except perhaps the lawns at Cowdray Park” – Claire Tomlinson, England coach. (Horse & Hound, 30 September 2004)

“The new field is excellent. Very smooth and very fast it was a joy to play on such a field” – Jason CROWDER Handicap 4 goals, USA Team.

“I found the fields to be very smooth and had a lot of grip for the horses, inspires a lot of confidence.” - Alan MARTINEZ Handicap 4 goals, USA Team.

“A great field Prepared for the world cup – very true, for all riders or weather. Great job, it is a new generation of grounds”- Irfan ALI HYDER, Pakistan Team leader.


Completion date: 2004