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Equestrian surfaces Hippodrome Pont-Long, Pau


This perfectly flat race track was built using the FIBERsoil sand process, which consist of graded silica sand randomly mixed with polypropylene fibers. It was the first one in France to use this process.

Company activity

Earthworks, drainage & automatic irrigation system Grassing using the FIBERsoil Turf process, (incorporation of synthetic fibers in the topsoil) Supply and installation of ancillary fittings (rails, gates, signs, etc.) FIBERsoil Sand Racetrack (45,000 m²) Turf racetrack using FIBERsoil Turf in the curves (18,000 m²).

Earthworks installation of the drainage & automatic irrigation systemSodding of the curves of the inner track according to the FIBERSOIL process (incorporation of fibers in the upper horizon) Supply & Installation of ancillary equipment (lices, gantries, signs, etc.)


Completion date: 1999