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Environment Mindoube landfill - study


The Mindoubé landfill is the main dumping ground for household waste from the municipalities of Libreville, Owendo and Akanda, providing the waste treatment service for a population of more than 800,000 inhabitants. With an area of 8 ha, it has been completely saturated for many years

Company activity

Gregori International and its partners have provided the Gabonese authorities with a Global Development Plan for the rehabilitation of the site


This study has four components :

  • Site security (geotechnical study, remodeling, stabilization);
  • Control of environmental impacts (leachate collection and treatment, biogas collection, stormwater management);
  • Land reclamation (waste energy balance, economic or recreational activities, landscaping);
  • Control of social impacts (integration of the informal sector, for example rag pickers).